SNES A Day is a website where I play and write about every Super Nintendo game released in North America in chronological order. And I do it every day. It’s quite the undertaking but I’m having a blast doing it.

Accuracy is something I strive for, but the nature of this blog means I can’t spend a ton of time on each game I write about. An hour or two, tops, or until I play enough to be able to get the gist of the game. No research, no cheat codes, no save states. I like to think of it as popping the Game Pak into the system with no expectations.

I came up with the idea of this blog after reading Earthbound, by Ken Baumann, and the wonderful Reverse Design series of gameplay analysis. I recommend both if you’re itching for more Super Nintendo words to read.


Is there an SNES game coming up that you’d like to write about? An idea for an essay topic related to the console? No promises, but I’m more than happy to consider guest posts! Email me at corywoodrum@snesaday.com with your idea.

Thank you for reading!

Cory Woodrum

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