RoboCop 3 FI

SNES A Day 79: RoboCop 3


Approximate Release Date: September 1, 1992
Genre: Action
Developer: Ocean Software
Publisher: Ocean Software

RoboCop 3 is a lazy, meritless waste of time.

This is a poorly made game in every respect. RoboCop 3 looks bland and generic, controls like garbage, features muddy sound, and jacks up the difficulty from the beginning of the first level. I’m struggling to think of any positive qualities of this game.

So instead of trying to talk about something good about RoboCop 3, I’d like to mention something that is driving me crazy about it. You can shoot straight ahead or forward and diagonal by using the D-pad, but RoboCop is unable to shoot down in any capacity and to shoot up you have to press the X button. Why can’t I hold up to shoot up? Up doesn’t do anything! It makes no sense! This game should, ideally, control like Contra III: The Alien Wars but instead it tries to be weird for no discernible reason.

That’s what I spent most of my brainpower thinking about while playing RoboCop 3. This isn’t a fun game to play.

There have been a number of decent licensed games so far in the Super Nintendo’s library. Ocean’s own The Addams Family is a great example of a game that exceeds any and all expectations. But RoboCop 3 is the quintessential licensed game, amounting to little more than irredeemable schlock which shouldn’t be played by anyone.

Tomorrow: I think we all need a palate cleanser after this game. How about some Super Mario Kart?

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  1. Is this the Robocop game where you gain speed as you walk forward, and that’s necessary to leap some gaps (b/c that’s exactly how the movies worked)? I may be thinking of the NES games. Regardless, I know I played this game, and you’re 100% right, it was a challenge from the beginning, and usually for all the wrong reasons.

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