SNES A Day starts tomorrow

What is it?

I’m going to write a little about every Super Nintendo game released in North America in roughly the order the games were released. And I will be publishing a blog post about a new game every day.

That’s the plan, at least.

This isn’t meant to be comprehensive, like the wonderful Chrontendo and Game Boy World projects. There are many, many awful games for the Super Nintendo and I don’t hate myself enough to play a ton of, say, Home Improvement. I’ll try to play each game for at least an hour, and I’ll post pictures and videos to go with the articles. But these aren’t reviews, they’re more like impressions.

Figuring out the order of what games to write about was a challenge. Nintendo has graciously provided a PDF that has some release months for games when exact dates are missing from Wikipedia and GameFAQs. But there are discrepancies between sources, and as long as what I have in my notes passes the smell test, it’s good enough for me.


There are two reasons.

First off, the Super Nintendo is rad.

Secondly, I need to write more, and writing daily about something I’m passionate about is about as good of motivation to do so outside of hiring someone to be my own personal managing editor. It will be fun, and I’m looking forward to improving and trying new things as time goes on. There are a lot of SNES games, after all.

Kicking things off tomorrow? F-Zero.SNES Logo

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