WWF Super WrestleMania FI

SNES A Day 35: WWF Super WrestleMania


Approximate Release Date: February 12, 1992
Genre: Wrestling
Developer: Acclaim Entertainment
Publisher: LJN

I don’t like wrestling games. WWF Super WrestleMania does nothing to change that.

It’s a wrestling game. If you don’t know whether or not you like wrestling games, you probably won’t like this one. If you do like wrestling games, I’m sure this is fine. It has a few different modes, including tag team options, and features multiplayer. Only ten wrestlers, though, which doesn’t seem like a lot.

But these games control like garbage. Always. All wrestling games have this problem. They feel muddy and clunky and unresponsive. These early wrestling games don’t even have the character creation hooks that later games have that make them kinda fun for non-wrestling fans.

I will never like these things. I was bored out of my mind playing WWF Super WrestleMania, and I’d rather play another mediocre golf or baseball game than even the greatest wrestling game.

Tomorrow: I get my wish with Nolan Ryan’s Baseball!

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