Nolan Ryan's Baseball FI

SNES A Day 36: Nolan Ryan’s Baseball


Approximate Release Date: February 28, 1992
Genre: Baseball simulation
Developer: Romstar
Publisher: Romstar

There’s probably no reason for anyone to play Nolan Ryan’s Baseball in 2014.

I’m about the furthest thing from an expert in baseball or baseball video games, as previous write-ups here have shown. But I’m not sure what Nolan Ryan’s Baseball offer to a modern video game player.

My immediate impression of the game is that most aspects of the gameplay seem more difficult than other Super Nintendo baseball games. But people who want a technical, realistic baseball game today aren’t going to be interested in a game in 1992 which lacks real MLB teams and players from the era. And people who want arcade-style baseball games like Super Bases Loaded or Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 won’t be happy either.

Unless you played this game “way back when” or are such a connoisseur of the baseball simulation genre that what little I’ve written here is appealing, you should probably try a different game. I can’t say this is a bad or poorly made game, just an uninteresting one.

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