Super Soccer FI

SNES A Day 57: Super Soccer


Approximate Release Month: May 1992
Genre: Soccer
Developer: Human Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo

Why is my goalie so inept in Super Soccer? I don’t want to make it sound like I know what I’m doing, but he seems to be the weak link on my team.

Super Soccer is the second soccer game to be covered here at SNES A Day in less than a week – the other being World League Soccer – and this is the one most people will prefer to play. It looks incredible, controls well, and seems to have more depth to it that soccer fans might enjoy. But there’s no way to lower the CPU difficulty, as far as I can tell, so I always get destroyed when I play.

I’m going to blame my goalie. He keeps missing easy saves!

As nice as Super Soccer looks, whichever team is heading toward the screen to score is at a huge disadvantage. I don’t know how to fix that particular problem with Super Nintendo technology, but it’s a real issue that will cause multiplayer to be not as fun as it could be. I don’t know how other, more recent 16-bit soccer games handle this problem as soccer is likely the sport I have the least experience within video games. Maybe this is just something you deal with if you want to play these games.

Super Soccer is a lot like Super Tennis in that I enjoy playing it, but either the computer-controlled teams are deadly or I’m awful. I recognize Super Soccer is a better, deeper game, but I had more fun with World League Soccer.

Tomorrow: Is Capcom’s MVP Football the company’s only football game? That doesn’t bode well.

4 thoughts on “SNES A Day 57: Super Soccer”

  1. I know of several games where I was better shooting either up or down. In early FIFAs I could only score shooting up. In games like Super Kick Off i think it was shooting down.

    Not sure if it was my own incompetence though

  2. the automatic goalies are not the way to go, you will not be able to beat higher tier teams with a regular goalie even if you have a high goalie stat. that being said, manual goaltending is the only way to beat the game with a decent amount of success, in terms of speed, the other team will be faster than you even if you pick germany (against final team). it is important to note that with enough practice you can counter tackles by quickly moving diagonally left and right while moving up or down the field. practice makes perfect.

    also if you end up going to shoot out you will have to time the shot so that the goalie is physically out of reach of the ball and use a `Fast`shot by tapping b and then b a second time on contact of the ball.

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