Jack Nicklaus Golf FI

SNES A Day 56: Jack Nicklaus Golf


Approximate Release Date: May 15, 1992
Genre: Golf simulation
Developer: Tradewest
Publisher: Tradewest

Jack Nicklaus Golf is a complete mess on a technical level.

When a course loads, Jack Nicklaus Golf draws the grass and then draws the tree and then draws any extras like the hole’s flag and then plops your golfer into the awful looking environment. Take your shot, and do this all over again. It takes forever.

Could you put up with this for an 18-hole round?

It’s shoddy and annoying. I can’t believe they released a game like this. I could understand if the game looked good, but it doesn’t. Even the ugly PGA Tour Golf is more visually satisfying. If Jack Nicklaus Golf played better than every other Super Nintendo golf game, I could see putting up with it. But the game doesn’t offer anything to make it worth playing. It plays like any other golf game but with extra waiting.

HAL’s Hole in One Golf remains the SNES golf simulation game to beat, but play any golf game over Jack Nicklaus Golf.

Tomorrow: Nintendo publishes its second Super Nintendo sports game with Super Soccer.

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      1. They belong to the “Uncanny Valley”, they kind of look off but very close to humans, they share the same realm as human-like robots and animatronics and corpses. I get that feeling too!

  1. Yes … creepy like your previous post of Pit Fighter. The digitized version of people is strange. I had this game on NES and Nicklaus’ head looked like a beachball, though,

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