PGA Tour Golf FI

SNES A Day 40: PGA Tour Golf


Approximate Release Date: March 1, 1992
Genre: Golf simulation
Developer: Polygames
Publisher: EA Sports

PGA Tour Golf is the third golf game released on the Super Nintendo. All three are functionally identical.

I feel bad slagging on these games to an extent; I’m far from a golf fan, so it’s possible there’s a great deal of nuance separating PGA Tour Golf, HAL’s Hole in One Golf, and True Golf Classics – Waialae Country Club from each other. I don’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

What is here in PGA Tour Golf, though, are disappointing graphics and sound. The sound effects, in particular, don’t seem to have a lot of variety and are low quality. I can’t say too much about the music because I never heard any, even with the option turned on. The courses look splotchy and undetailed, which is made worse when the game overlays the super-detailed golfer on the course when you’re swinging. Once you’ve swung, the ball moves herky-jerky through the air. It should be much smoother.

The interface is nice, though, offering all the information you’d expect without taking up too much of the screen. If you don’t like how the game will follow every shot, you can change that in the main menu, which is a nice touch. PGA Tour Golf makes an effort to give everything a TV broadcast feel, so there are commentators who will give flavor text before every hole and offer advice to you. It comes off as a little corny at times since EA isn’t using real golf commentators.

But PGA Tour Golf is still just another golf game.

Tomorrow: It’s time to see just how awful Pit-Fighter truly is.

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