Pit-Fighter FI

SNES A Day 41: Pit-Fighter


Approximate Release Date: March 1, 1992
Genre: Fighting
Developer: THQ
Publisher: THQ

Not only is Pit-Fighter terrible, but it’s also the worst kind of terrible: soulless and shoddy.

There are no unique ideas here. There aren’t even interesting ones. Pit-Fighter is a fighting game where the fighting is a chore. There don’t seem to be a discernible combo system or anything else that rewards finesse, so I found some success just mashing the L and R buttons. Yes, the L and R buttons. For a fighting game. It controls like a mushy, muddy mess where pressing a button doesn’t guarantee anything to happen.

Seriously, does anything in this video seem fun at all?

The best compliment I can give Pit-Fighter is that all three characters are unique, which I wasn’t expecting. Given how bad the graphics are, how bad the music is, and how bad the controls are, it was a pleasant surprise. There also might be a decent variety of enemies, but I don’t want to play any more to make sure.

I’m stretching with this praise. Pit-Fighter is abysmal. This could easily be the worst Super Nintendo game of all time. It’s early, but it’s a solid bet.

Tomorrow: The folks who brought pocket monsters to the Game Boy bring Smart Ball to life on the Super Nintendo!

5 thoughts on “SNES A Day 41: Pit-Fighter”

  1. Wow — check out that cover art! I had completely forgotten about this game. Best part is that I remember how bad ass this game seemed back then.

  2. Oh god Pit Fighter. A friend lent me this game, it was in such a bad shape, he just gave the chip without the cart itself. That’s how much he didn’t care about it and abused it. I played this along with Mortal Kombat, night and day difference. Even my 10 year old self recognized this was a comically bad game.

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